The City of Tamdor

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Our Adventure Begins

Our party graduated from the special operations school in cyre during the last days of the war. They were assigned a mission from Verran , and given some help in the form of two warforged. The party traveled south overland by land train, and took ship to Dargun on the Kracken’s Pride led by Captain Dan.

The party traveled over land and attempted to ambush the Karnath Archeolgical Dig, but were ambushed in turn. During the fight all combatants were taken prisoner, and taken to the Hags. Both sides pleaded their case, and the hags released all their captives into underground catacombs.

After some petrification related setbacks the party fought and defeated the Karnathi vampire. The party took the Eye of Fate, and immediately after, they felt the effects of the cataclysm.

The party traveled to the depths of the mournlands experiencing the horrors there in, and made it almost to the city of cyre itself. Afterwards The party travels to Sharn.


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